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Archive of Issues

    Archive of Issues of 2019 (22)

    • M. Yevdokimova (2019). The problems of women’s social adaptation after penalty. 2(43).
    • H. Konovalova (2019). Concerning the security of defense counsel in criminal proceedings. 2(43).
    • Olga Motkova (2019). On the proportionality of forms of judicial protection of human rights. 2(43).
    • O. Khodanovych (2019). Pressing questions of psychological examination of bullying. 2(43).
    • M. Selina (2019). Use of special information operation: Legal aspects. 2(43).
    • Tetiana Lysko (2019). The certain legal marks on enforcement of law on criminal liability for committing larceny (art. 185 of Criminal Code of Ukraine): the analysis of judicial practice. 2(43).
    • Tetiana Kononchuk (2019). Ukrainian fiction in defense of the right to life. 2(43).
    • Vasyl Popeliushko (2019). The Issue of Ukrainian Advocacy Origin. 2(43).
    • Iryna Hora (2019). Actual problems of the modern practice of commission and complex judicial art criticism examination. 2(43).
    • Roman Veresha (2019). Current global trends in the fight against corruption. 2(43).
    • Oxana Khotynska-Nor (2019). Actual problems of the current stage of judicial reform in Ukraine. 2(43).
    • V. Fornolyak (2019). General theoretical and organizational and legal aspects of interaction of subjects of terrorism fighting with mass media. 1(42).
    • A. Boiko (2019). Analysis of banking operations as a tool for the formation of investigative versions and the planning of further investigative actions. 1(42).
    • Victor Boyarov, Artem Masalitin (2019). Use of information obtained by the investigation as a result of video analysis. 1(42).
    • Anastasia Zahorodniuk (2019). The mechanism for the settlement of international investment disputes. 1(42).
    • Valerii Kolesnyk (2019). The possibilities and order of lead through of identification of the person on his haptic appearance. 1(42).
    • Nazar Kubov (2019). Legal regulation of ecological investments in Ukraine and foreign countries as an important direction of ecologization of society. 1(42).
    • Svitlana Klymenko (2019). Specifics of the institutional regulation of providing assistance to an individual in participation in civil relations. 1(42).
    • Roman Veresha (2019). The theoretical and comparative legal aspects of the careless form of guilt in criminal law. 1(42).
    • Oleh Muza (2019). The features of the application of measures of procedural coercion in the administrative legal proceedings in Ukraine. 1(42).
    • Olena Kovtun (2019). The right to receive environmental education in Ukraine in the light of the reform of educational and environmental legislation. 1(42).
    • L. Mamchur, V. Syttsevoi (2019). Terminological category “mark for goods and services” in the civil legislation of Ukraine and its application in law enforcement and educational activities. 1(42).

    Archive of Issues of 2018 (1)

    • 1 Автор (2019). Тестова сттаття. №1 (41).