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Everything will be found!

Here is a contextual full-page search service for journal articles. It is also possible to search by year of publication and by keywords. Links to these services are given below.

The search is performed only in articles (title, abstract and text). Other information contained on this site (guidelines, policies, news, etc.) is not indexed and is not reflected in the search results.

Minimum number of characters to start the search = 3. The search is case insensitive.

The search algorithm logic: Maximum number of words to include in the search = 7. The results will be shown with any of the words specified in the search query (regardless of the order of their input), but only if ALL entered words are present in ONE article (logical AND between words is inserted automatically). For example, the search queries procedural code and code procedural will return the same results, but nothing will be found for welcome to procedural code because the word welcome does not appear in any article that contains the words code and procedural (but this is not certain :).

It is often convenient to search by parts of words. For example, you can enter the roots of words without endings: then the query crim will give in the search results crime, criminal, criminology, etc. But you should be aware that the query, let's say, law will find bylaws, and lawyer, and maybe lawn as well… Therefore, the search phrase should not be too general.

Dear readers! If you want to search by keywords, use the appropriate feature. A list of all articles grouped by year of publication is available on the Archive of Issues page.

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