Bulletin of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine

1(42) • Issue 1(42)

Issue 1(42)


Klymenko S. Specifics of the institutional regulation of providing assistance to an individual in participation in civil relations ...... [ 6–12 ]

Mamchur L., Syttsevoi V. Terminological category “mark for goods and services” in the civil legislation of Ukraine and its application in law enforcement and educational activities ...... [ 13–18 ]

Kovtun O. The right to receive environmental education in Ukraine in the light of the reform of educational and environmental legislation ...... [ 19–26 ]

Muza O. The features of the application of measures of procedural coercion in the administrative legal proceedings in Ukraine ...... [ 27–33 ]

Veresha R. The theoretical and comparative legal aspects of the careless form of guilt in criminal law ...... [ 34–40 ]

Kolesnyk V. The possibilities and order of lead through of identification of the person on his haptic appearance ...... [ 41–47 ]

Boyarov V., Masalitin A. Use of information obtained by the investigation as a result of video analysis ...... [ 48–54 ]

Boiko A. Analysis of banking operations as a tool for the formation of investigative versions and the planning of further investigative actions ...... [ 55–63 ]

Fornolyak V. General theoretical and organizational and legal aspects of interaction of subjects of terrorism fighting with mass media ...... [ 64–71 ]

Kubov N. Legal regulation of ecological investments in Ukraine and foreign countries as an important direction of ecologization of society ...... [ 72–79 ]

Zahorodniuk A. The mechanism for the settlement of international investment disputes ...... [ 80–85 ]