Bulletin of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine

2019 • Volume 16 • Issue 2(43)

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DOI: 10.37692/visnyk.aau.16.2(43).13-21
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Actual problems of the modern practice of commission and complex judicial art criticism examination. Bulletin of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine. . Volume 16. Issue 2(43). С. 1321.

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Published online: 12 Dec. 2019

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Actual problems of the modern practice of commission and complex judicial art criticism examination

Iryna Hora

Iryna Hora

доктор юридичних наук • професорка
Академія адвокатури України

Анотація | Abstract

The article discusses the problems of the appointment and conduct of forensic art examination. Particular attention is paid to the issues of appointing and conducting commission and comprehensive examinations of this class. Forensic art examination is an independent class of examinations. The purpose of this class of examinations is to establish the cultural and historical value of the object of art, determine the materials from which the object is made, the state of the object, its preservation, the presence or absence of defects, damage and their nature, determine the time of manufacture, establish authorship, determine the artistic and aesthetic purpose manufacturing, establishing the availability of processing or restoration work, determining the cost, establishing authenticity, etc.

The special value in the article is spared the judicial and methodical questions of setting and lead through of commission and complex judicial-study of art examinations. The characteristic feature of study of art knowledge is the brightly expressed personality character. Such know ledges suppose the obligatory presence of own vision, to own interpretation of facts and events.

However much the subjective pattern of results and conclusions can influence and on objectivity of the conducted research. It is in such cases expedient to appoint commission examination. Has features and complex judicial-study of art examination. Experts art critics probe a picture from point of similarity with standard material. Experts technologists probe all elements of picture. The article examines the utility of trace evidence analysis in facilitating the authentication of works of fine art in the event of their fraudulent substitution, as well as reporting on their overall condition and existing damages.


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