Bulletin of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine

2019 • Volume 16 • Issue 2(43)

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DOI: 10.37692/visnyk.aau.16.2(43).71-78
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Pressing questions of psychological examination of bullying. Bulletin of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine. . Volume 16. Issue 2(43). С. 7178.

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Published online: 12 Dec. 2019

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Pressing questions of psychological examination of bullying

O. Khodanovych

O. Khodanovych

Candidate of Psychological Sciences
Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko

Анотація | Abstract

he important questions related to such a type of psychological examination as examination of bullying are examined in the article. It is marked that today this problem is widespread in schools, especially among the children of middle and senior classes. Age of teenagers is characterized by alteration of the system of values, removal from adults, strengthening of authority of separate students, by the special phenomena communications that assist appearance of school persecution. It is necessary to mark that it is come forward the article of psychological examination actual data of relatively psychological features, character and conformities to law of psychical activity of subject, and also in relation to the terms of reflection by him to objective reality. It is set by means of psychological expert estimation or expert research. Distinguish judicial and unjudicial psychological examination of bullying. Attention applies, that psychological expert research the parents of child that is exposed to the mockeries can take the lead. Judicial examination is appointed by the aim of rule-making, within the limits of set by normative legal acts. The strictly set list of subjects can conduct such examination. Taking into account the specific of psychological examination an expert must meet with materials, containing information about development and personal internals of suspected. Such materials can be got during the interrogation of parents, teachers and witnesses. A problem consists of that to conduct such examination very difficult, as for this purpose it is necessary to have the special preparation on child's psychology and corresponding methodologies of research. The special place in psychological examination of this kind occupies the tool of expert, those methods that is adapted for child's psychology.


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