Bulletin of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine

2019 • Volume 16 • Issue 2(43)

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DOI: 10.37692/visnyk.aau.16.2(43).32-39
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Actual problems of the current stage of judicial reform in Ukraine. Bulletin of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine. . Volume 16. Issue 2(43). С. 3239.

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Published online: 12 Dec. 2019

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Actual problems of the current stage of judicial reform in Ukraine

Oxana Khotynska-Nor

Oxana Khotynska-Nor

Doctor of Legal Sciences • доцентка
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Анотація | Abstract

The article analyzes some problems of the current stage of judicial reform in Ukraine. Noted that the constant dominance of political component in this process is common for the various stages of judicial reform. The political expediency always determines the priority of changes in the judicial system and ignores the need for an objective assessment of its status, taking into account both the obvious and hidden advantages and disadvantages, as well as the limited resources and forecasts required in this area.

It is emphasized that judicial reform must be demanded by society and meet its needs and expectations. The last will always be associated with such attributes as the availability and effectiveness of the judicial system. These two parameters need to be assessed when planning changes in the judiciary area and identifying cells of "tension" and imbalance. The purpose must be clearly understood and the means necessary to achieve it must be chosen. Given this focus is on issues related to providing availability to justice in Ukraine. Such, in author's opinion, are the lack of judges and unreasonable optimization of judicial system.

Analysis of the situation regarding the lack of judges led the author to think about the secondary importance of this problem for reformers. Although it should be resolved by the completion of the qualifying evaluation of judges procedure and conducting a competition for vacancies in the courts.

The author links the optimization of the judicial system with the idea of creating judicial districts. Analyzing the origins of such an idea, she says about it lack of relevance today. At the same time noted that any optimization of the judicial system should be based on objective criteria: population, court location, logistics, economic characteristics of the region. Separately, the author stresses the importance of the correct court name.

In conclusion formulated the thesis that in Ukraine, justice for people is “moving away”.


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