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Пошук за ключовими словами

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The possibilities and order of lead through of identification of the person on his haptic appearance

Valerii Kolesnyk

The article deals with contemporary problems of preparation and carrying out of identification of a person, things and other objects as a separate investigative action. Attention is drawn to the fact that forensic classification of recognition by identifiable objects is much wider than its procedural definition. The author revealed the essence, tasks and scientific bases of cognition as a procedural action, psychological bases of formation and memorization of the image by a person who can be involved…

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  • 2019 • Volume 16 • Issue 1(42)
  • 37

Use of information obtained by the investigation as a result of video analysis

Victor Boyarov, Artem Masalitin

The article deals with some peculiarities of the use in the investigation of group crimes of extremist direction of the information, obtained as a result of the analysis of videos from the cameras of the external surveillance, other sources of video recording, in particular, made by representatives of the media, eyewitnesses, as a result of conducting unspoken investigators) actions, investigative measures, and use as an evidence.

There are identified sources for obtaining video information…

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  • 2019 • Volume 16 • Issue 1(42)
  • 39

Analysis of banking operations as a tool for the formation of investigative versions and the planning of further investigative actions

A. Boiko

In the article, on the basis of practical experience and specialized scientific literature, the possibilities of forming investigative versions and planning of investigative actions in the pre-trial investigation of crimes in the field of public procurement (software development services) are analyzed with the help of analysis of executor's banking operations.

The author points out to the falsity of the investigator's actions, which focuses on the analysis of the data and documents of…

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  • 2019 • Volume 16 • Issue 1(42)
  • 40